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  1. Papagiannakos Retsina

    Papagiannakos Retsina

    The return of the most traditional of Greek wine vineyard has quite a different picture from that which has been created in our minds. Modern winemaking clean, high quality fruit, excellent balance in the mouth and in your glass is a modern representative of the new generation of the popular retsina identical with the winemaking tradition.
  2. Le Nez du Whisky 54 aromas

    Le Nez du Whisky 54 aromas

    Αυτό το μοναδικό set αρωμάτων θα σας μεταφέρει σε μια εξερεύνηση των ουίσκι από τη Σκωτία και απο άλλα μέρη του κόσμου, μέσα από τα γραπτά φημισμένων ειδικών συνοδεία υπέροχων εικόνων.
  3. Prekniariko Chrysohoou (barrel)

    Prekniariko Chrysohoou (barrel) 2015

    White wine from 100% white priknadi (prekniariko) a Greek variety of Northern and Central Greece. Wonderful, aromatic wine with a round mouth and a strong aftertaste.

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