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Κάθε ημέρα, δοκιμάστε στο #inthehouse bar του House of Wine 8 διαφορετικά κρασιά που αλλάζουν κάθε εβδομάδα, εντελώς ΔΩΡΕΑΝ!. Ελάτε λοιπόν αυτή την εβδομάδα  να δοκιμάσετε 8 κρασιά από αυτά που αναδείχθηκαν από εσάς με τις αγορές σας "Πρωταθλητές 2016"!

  1. Rapsani

    Rapsani 2014

    A very friendly and pleasant red wine, which is very popular in Greece. Aromatic, with soft tannins and good length, drunk easily on any occasion.
  2. Lemnia Ghi

    Lemnia Ghi 2015

    A pleasant and cool white for lovers of aromatic wines. Distinguished features floral aromas, beautiful acidity, and excellent value for money it presents.
  3. Amethystos - Sauvignon Blanc

    Amethystos - Sauvignon Blanc 2015
    Lazaridis Costas

    Popular white wine that combines the fresh fruity aromas of the variety with spicy notes gives stay in oak barrels. The "package" completes the beautiful acidity that makes it very refreshing and enjoyable.
  4. Amethystos - Rose

    Amethystos - Rose 2015
    Lazaridis Costas

    Gentle and fragrant rosé wine that is made to accompany food. Both Borntolezikes varieties that make up the blend, give it power, duration, depth of flavor and finesse.
  5. Chateau Julia - Merlot

    Chateau Julia - Merlot 2013
    Lazaridis Costas

    From the top Greek Merlot. Is wine aging profile and win even the most demanding lover of red wine. Rich aromas, powerful tannic structure and long in the mouth are some of the features. The pinched alcohol ... not scare you - they'll help you evolve as nicely aged in your cellar ...
  6. Château Julia - Assyrtiko

    Château Julia - Assyrtiko 2016
    Lazaridis Costas

    Greek popular white that retains the charms of a wide variety of Assyrtiko, but giving her space to express otherwise. Good acidity, fresh flavors and a long wine make this an excellent choice for table gang heron!
  7. Κτήμα Βιβλία Χώρα - Ερυθρός

    Biblia Chora Estate - Red 2014
    Vivlia Chora

    An elegant red borntolezikou type at our table. One of the ultimate Greek best-sellers, which impresses with its combination of seriousness and sophistication. Pretty typical aromas and rich tannins draw the qualitative label.
  8. Biblia Chora Estate - White

    Biblia Chora Estate - White 2016
    Vivlia Chora

    Bestsellers from the House of Wine Greek Wine 2010. Favorite white wine with exotic features that give it a new-Kosmitis profile. Intense herbal and botanical aromas combined with excellent acidity make it highly versatile in combination with food, but also very enjoyable.
  9. Κτήμα Γεροβασιλείου - Ερυθρό

    Gerovassiliou - Red 2015

    Quality red aging by Vangelis Gerovassiliou, based on blend varieties which knows like few others. Smoked and spicy aromas on the nose and mouth, serious tannins and good acidity, resulting in a beautiful and long finish are the key features of this very good Greek red.
  10. Gerovassiliou - Avaton

    Gerovassiliou - Avaton 2013

    A top red wine, resulting from three relatively unknown Greek varieties with a great history and an even more dynamic. Velvety and robust at the same time, it is a wine that will maximize style and fun to any meat eating quality.
  11. Château Nico Lazaridi - White

    Château Nico Lazaridi - White 2015
    Lazaridis Nico

    Delicate wine with rich fruit aromas and subtle, clean aftertaste.
  12. Domaine Costa Lazaridi - Syrah

    Domaine Costa Lazaridi - Syrah 2013
    Lazaridis Costas

    Powerful yet subtle red wine, based on the popular variety Syrah. Characterized by its spicy aromatic variety formality, displaying a particularly friendly and cosmopolitan profile.

  13. Katogi Averof - Red

    Katogi Averof - Red 2013
    Katogi - Strofilia

    Perhaps the predominantly Greek red wine daily for the Greek table. A pleasant wine with elegant, aromatic nose and balanced mouth.
  14. Sigalas - Santorini

    Sigalas - Santorini 2015

    One of the more popular and better labels Santorini OPAP market. Classical and careful winemaking that allows Assyrtiko to express minerality that gives the hot volcanic soil of Santorini, and to present an impressively sharp acidity that refreshes, cools and lifts ...!
  15. THEMA - White

    THEMA - White 2016

    Assyrtiko is adapted extremely well in Drama region with a broader aromatic profile than in Santorini even while the grape retains its inherent minerality and high acidity. A dash of Sauvignon Blanc boosts this successful brand with grassy-vegetal character and stone fruit aromas.

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