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Aceto Botanico Brown Seal

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The Aceto Botanico Brown Seal aged in oak barrels of 225 liters for four years. Besides the concentration, a natural result of aging, the use of drums helps to obtain complex aromas.
The history of production of flavorings grape, goes back 2500 years in parts of the Middle East. There he saw the Greeks and Romans, the estimated and introduced to the culinary habits and beyond. Numerous reports exist for their use in Ancient Greece, from oxymelo and black broth until the Hippocratic treatments and recipes Deipnosophistae. The Herbal Vinegar Adriani whites produced from selected grapes of Drama. The juice gives initially concentrated grape and wine acidified and the product composition is led palaiosi. It is ideal for use in fresh salads, either alone or as a component of more complex dressing, but deservedly meets with fine aromas of the needs of your culinary creations.
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More Information

Producer Lazaridis Costas
Country Greece
Volume 250ml
Acidity 6.2%
Type of Box Carton