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Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Kidonitsa, Drink it now
Assyrtiko puts the nerve and the structure, Kidonitsa its irresistible character in a wonderful blend with intense aromas and flavors of juicy fruits, freshness and incredibly delicious taste. It can easily accompany seafood, vegetables and white meats but can also be consumed plain as an aperitif
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Its color is bright lemon green. Its aroma is attractive with white flesh and citrus fruits dominating and embracing with notes of herbs and dough. Its taste is at the same time buttery but cool with the fruit flavors dominating here as well, leaving a long finish.

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Producer Mitravelas (Estate)
Wine Color White
Greek Grape Variety Assyrtiko, Kidonitsa
Vintage 2021
Country Greece
Region Peloponnese/Nemea
Volume 750
Bottle Size 0.75lt
Dryness Dry
Style Still
When to Drink Drink it now
Taste Character White light, crisp and refreshing
Excellent match with ντολμαδάκια, σαλάτα Caesars, λαδερά φαγητά όπως τα φασολάκια, κοτόπουλο λεμονάτο, καλαμαράκια, ψάρια τηγανητά, κολοκυθοκεφτέδες, πίτες λαχανικών και πιάτα με λευκά τυριά.
Good match with Cheese Blue Cheese, Cheese Fried, Cheese Hard White Intense / Salty, Cheese Hard White Light, Cheese Hard Yellow Aged, Cheese Hard Yellow Intense / Salty, Cheese Hard Yellow Oily, Cheese Soft White Fresh, Cheese Soft White Mature / Salty, Cheese Soft Yellow Intense / Salty, Cheese Soft Yellow Light, Fish Fried, Pies Vegetables, Λαδερά-Γεμιστά
Type of Box Carton
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