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A Taste of Agiorgitiko

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Έξι επιλεγμένες ετικέτες για να γνωρίσετε το αγιωργίτικο. Το Αγιωργίτικο δεν είναι απλά το αντίπαλο δέος του Ξινόμαυρου. Πιο άμεσο και μοντέρνο με χαρακτήρα κόκκινων φρούτων, γλυκών μπαχαρικών και σχεδόν ποτέ με ‘επιθετικές’ τανίνες, είναι απόλυτα ελκυστικό για τον σύγχρονο καταναλωτή. Μη ξεγελιέστε όμως… Μπορεί να είναι εξίσου σοβαρό, πολυεπίπεδο και με μεγάλες δυνατότητες παλαίωσης. Έξι διαφορετικά Αγιωργίτικα που επιβεβαιώσουν το ποιοτικό δυναμικό και το ‘εύρος’ των στυλ της ποικιλίας. Six selected wines for you to explore agiorgitiko. Agiorgitiko is not just the main rival of Xinomavro. More direct and modern with a red-fruit character, sweet spices and almost never with 'aggressive' tannins it is very attractive for the modern consumer. Do not be fooled though ... It can be equally serious, layered with great potential for aging. Six different Agiorgitika that confirm the quality potential and the range of the different styles of this variety.
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Anatolikos   + €21.80
  • Buy 6 for €20.06 each and save 8%
Megas Oenos Skoura   + €21.70
  • Buy 6 for €19.96 each and save 8%
Vissinokipos   + €10.20
  • Buy 6 for €9.38 each and save 8%
Orinos Helios - Red   + €8.90
  • Buy 6 for €8.19 each and save 8%
Estate Papaioannou Nemea - Red   + €10.20
  • Buy 12 for €9.18 each and save 10%
Monopati   + €22.10
  • Buy 6 for €20.33 each and save 8%

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A Taste of Agiorgitiko
A Taste of Agiorgitiko

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    Rich and thick dessert wine from Agiorgitiko. Sweet spicy, differs from most dessert wines encountered commercially. Drink chilled and accompanies chocolate creations and nuts (plain or sweet).

    Megas Oenos Skoura

    Robust red wine aging. Based on a blend combines the spicy scherzo of Agiorgitiko the strict power of Cabernet Sauvignon, and the warm embrace of vanilati oak barrel that hosted 20mini during aging. Quality label for gourmet feast or cellars.


    Distinct and serious, but still a crowd-pleasing modern red wine, with deep color, red fruit aromas and sweet spices. Aivalis is one of the most idiosynchratic Nemean producers and Monopati is a top-example of Agiorgitiko, very difficult not to like.

    Orinos Helios - Red

    Fresh and fun, this wine is an easy red to the table, but for every moment. Served plain, for those who love red wine in glass, even slightly cool on a warm summer evening. Characterized, among other things, very good value for money.


    A wine with a reddish ruby color and purple highlights, light tannins, sweet spices and red fruits made from 100% Agiorgitiko. Agiorgitiko is a polydynamic grape variety capable of producing fresh and crisp - yet serious - roses as in the case of Vissinokipos.

    Estate Papaioannou Nemea - Red

    Authentic Nemea, a winemaker who has devoted his life to it. Rich red wine with beautiful fragrant interference from the oak barrel. Balanced, with good acidity and gentle tannins.

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    Greek Grape Variety Agiorgitiko

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