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Hatzidakis - Santorini Familia 2020

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Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 13.5% alc.
Santorini pleased with characteristic freshness and pronounced acidity. A famous Greek white wine with a loyal audience inside and outside Greece, intended for large heron feasts!
Hatzidakis Santorini faithfully captures the unstoppable momentum of the Santorini Terroir, so it is very dear labels produced on the island. If you try it with closed eyes, it is very likely to feel the saltiness of the Aegean and the wild beauty of the windswept vineyards of the beautiful Santorini ...
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More Information

Producer Chatzidakis
Producer's Description Wine Type: Dry white wine, OPAP Santorini.
Varietal composition: 90% Assyrtiko, Aidani 5%, 5% Athiri
Grape Origin: Vineyards mainly southern and eastern parts of the island, altitude: 120 to 300 metra.
Oinopoiisi: Direct separation of grape marc, sediment and fermented with selected yeasts at 16 -18 º C for 25 to 40 days. Maturation in stainless steel tanks on the lees for 20 mines.
Tasting notes: Mild yellow color with golden highlights. The nose is pleasant, with bright citrus flavors. The mouth is aggressive, filled with characteristic freshness of the acidity of Asyrtikou. Great epigefsi.
Harmony flavors: Seafood, pasta, white tyria.
Serving temperature: 10 - 11 º C
Aging Time: 7 χρόνια
Wine Color White
Greek Grape Variety Assyrtiko
Quality category Σαντορίνη ΠΟΠ
Vintage 2020
Country Greece
Region Cyclades/Santorini
Terroir Ηφαιστιογενές, κίσσηρης και λάβα
Altitude 200 έως 300 m
Yield 180 κιλά/στρέμμα
Volume 750ml
Bottle Size 0.75lt
Dryness Dry
Style Still
Abv 13.5%
When to Drink Ages well
Taste Character White mineral, austere and intense
Excellent match with Συνδυάζεται με οτιδήποτε βγαίνει από την θάλασσα ωμό ή μαγειρεμένο, πιάτα με μελιτζάνα, χοιρινό με λευκή σάλτσα, αρνάκι λεμονάτο στην κατσαρόλα και κοτόπουλο στα κάρβουνα με μπόλικο λεμόνι. Σερβίρεται στους 12-14˚C
Good match with Crustaceans Casseroles, Crustaceans Grilled, Crustaceans Spicy, Fish Fat Cooked Red, Fish Fat Cooked White, Fish Fat Grilled, Fish Fat Roasted, Fish Fried, Fish Lean Cooked Red, Fish Lean Cooked White, Fish Lean Grilled, Fish Lean Roasted, Fish Smoked, Fish Spicy, Meat Lamb Roasted, Meat Pork Cooked White, Poultry Grilled, Sea Shells, Λαδερά-Γεμιστά
Awards Santorini 2007
Silver - 8th International Competition of Thessaloniki 2008

Santorini 2006
Gold - 7th Thessaloniki International Wine Competition 2007

Santorini 2003
Gold - Decanter World Wine Awards (London 2004)

Santorini 2002
Silver - International Wine Spirit Competition (London 2003)

Santorini 2000
Bronze - 2nd Wine Competition of Thessaloniki 2001

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