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Ixnos 2018

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Dry, Still, Red, Merlot, Ages well
An impressive, exuberant Merlot from the Palyvos estate that leaves no doubt about its high quality. Expressive nose, rich and mature mouth, generous barrel and long aftertaste, lead to a single variety Merlot that has formality, intensity, richness and could well be described as a "roller" that sweeps everything.
Pure, deep purple, with a strong aromatic character that balances between juicy fruits like red cherry, and spicy hints, bacon with strong high quality oak aromas. Massive mouth, very rich with super mature, soft tannins and moderate acidity. The barrel is completely supported by the fruit and the long aftertaste is dominated by sweet spices and oak hints. Ready to eat, with a five year in the bottle for further aging.
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More Information

Producer Palivos
Wine Color Red
Intl Grape Variety Merlot
Vintage 2018
Country Greece
Region Peloponnese/Nemea
Volume 750ml
Bottle Size 0.75lt
Dryness Dry
Style Still
When to Drink Ages well
Taste Character Red dense with great complexity
Excellent match with Αποφύγετε τα καυτερά και υπολογίστε φαγητό γευστικά έντονο. Αγριογούρουνο με σάλτσα δαμάσκηνο, οσομπουκο, ώριμα κίτρινα τυριά
Good match with Cheese Soft Yellow Intense / Salty, Κυνήγι Μαγειρευτό Κόκκινο
Type of Box Carton

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