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JIVAERI ouzo 0.7lt triple distilled

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40% alc.
Ouzo JIVAERI “triple distilled” is a special drink which passed through three stages of distillation in order to preserve the most valuable parts of the “core”. Thus the very fine aroma, flavour and silky soft finish are kept into an authentic and high-quality product.
“The Crystal Tear” Jivaeri Ouzo “triple distilled” is a harmony of passion, knowledge and 150 years of tradition, put in the production of this unique beverage. It reminds of the secret distiller, invited by Nikolas Katsaros which he kept only for his close circle of friends. He called it “the crystal tear”!
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More Information

Producer Katsaros (Distillery)
Abv 40%
Volume 700ml
Country Greece

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