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  1. Vineyard Palivou - Petrines Plagies

    Vineyard Palivou - Petrines Plagies 2018

    Elegant white wine with distinctive aromatic nose but explosively expressive mouth. The potential of acidity gives it a very special and enjoyable dimension.
  2. Alpha Estate - Sauvignon Blanc

    Alpha Estate - Sauvignon Blanc 2018

    One of the bright white best-sellers of the Greek market - and for good reason ... The white Alpha Estate captures a unique side of the personality of Sauvignon Blanc, with a style that balances between the old and the new world, sensual scents in the nose and mouth, and perfect acidity.
  3. Alpha Estate - Malagouzia

    Alpha Estate - Malagouzia 2018

    The ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of exciting varietals, Malagousia from Alpha estate is appealing due to its stone fruit, botanical and flowery character, being a great alternative to international aromatic grape varieties.
  4. THEMA - White

    THEMA - White 2018

    Assyrtiko is adapted extremely well in Drama region with a broader aromatic profile than in Santorini even while the grape retains its inherent minerality and high acidity. A dash of Sauvignon Blanc boosts this successful brand with grassy-vegetal character and stone fruit aromas.
  5. Biblia Chora Estate - White

    Biblia Chora Estate - White 2018
    Vivlia Chora

    Bestsellers from the House of Wine Greek Wine 2010. Favorite white wine with exotic features that give it a new-Kosmitis profile. Intense herbal and botanical aromas combined with excellent acidity make it highly versatile in combination with food, but also very enjoyable.
  6. /

    Oenops Vidiano 2017
    Oenops Wines

    Nikos Karatzas's 'grace' arrived to Crete! There, in the area of ​​Heraklion, he chooses Vidiano grapes from mountainous vineyards, manufactures them with mastery in three different types of pots, amphoras, inox tanks and new barrels. It is a stylish Vidano, with a nice fruit and a pretty mineral character that expresses the charm of the variety.
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    Oenops Limniona 2016
    Oenops Wines

    The talented Nikos Karatzas, founder of Oenops, tours all over Greece and creates wines from different terroir and varieties. This time it 'stops' in Limniona, one of the most rising Greek varieties and in Thessaly. 80% of the wine fermented and aged in clay amphoras, while the rest in large barrels. The result is an excellent wine with purity of fruit and baccarat, but in limited quantity!
  8. Mova White

    Mova White 2017

    Biblia Chora Estate and its creators Vangelis Gerovassiliou and Vassilis Tsaktsarlis decided to 'spread' to southern Greece. Their new acquisition is Kokkalis Skafidia Estate of Ilia, which has produced so far two red wines. In their first white they invest in the most acclaimed white variety of the Greek vineyard, Assyrtiko and in one of the most emerging, Kydonitsa. The result is a very charming wine that deserves our attention!

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