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  1. Gimnos Vasilias

    Gimnos Vasilias 2018
    Pieria Eratini

    The Naked King is excellent quality wine, produced from Syrah and Kolindrino with eighteen stay in new oak barrels. Distinguished by rich aromas of dried fruit and fresh fruit aromas of small red and spicy aromas of spices and wood.

    * Available in wooden cases of 6 bottles
  2. Terre de Zeus Asyrtiko

    Terre de Zeus Asyrtiko 2020

    A promising Assyrtiko from Pieria that highlights the ‘friendly’ side of the variety, from a brand new winery that is expected to occupy us a lot in the future. Pleasant and elegant aromas, liveliness and nerve in a refreshing wine that will accompany wonderfully anything that comes out of the sea and more. It is a certified vegan wine.

  3. Terre de Zeus Malagouzia

    Terre de Zeus Malagouzia 2020

    At the Navitas winery, from the very first steps, they have managed to create a wonderful Malagouzia that takes the variety to another level. A wine with a refreshing but at the same time elegant aroma, with a pronounced acidity that refreshes and with a very nice harmonious aftertaste. If you are one of those who do not see Malagouzia with a good eye, this fresh effort will make you reconsider!
  4. Mountcloud

    Mountcloud 2020

    Grenache Rouge is a grape that gives amazing rosé wines. Here, in the shadow of Olympus, where the vineyards and the Navitas winery are located, it seems to have fully acclimatized, unfolding all its charming features. Fruit intensity, freshness and ticklish acidity in a ‘single vineyard’ rosé that can accompany dishes from all cuisines of the world, while drinking very pleasantly as an aperitif.

  5. Les Iles de Sigalas Rose

    Les Iles de Sigalas Rose 2020

    The Aegean red varieties Mandilaria and Mavrotragano combine very nicely, giving us an elegant Santorini rosé wine with the signature of Ktimatos Sigalas. With pleasant aromas of red fruits and flowers and rich taste, it is sure to tie in nicely with all the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

  6. Les Iles de Sigalas White

    Les Iles de Sigalas White 2020

    Very tasty and cool white wine where Assyrtiko marries Monemvasia and with us they transport the Aegean aura. An island expression that will take off anything that comes out of the Greek seas and the Greek land.

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