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  1. 1827 White 2019
    Navarino Vineyards

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Roditis, Drink it now
    With fruit from the beautiful vineyards of the Messinian land overlooking the bay of Navarino, Navarino Vineyards creates a very tasty white wine from Chardonnay and Roditi. The expressive aromas and flavors and its cool acidity make it ideal as an aperitif, while at the same time it can accompany and highlight all the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.
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  2. Lexis Kydonitsa 2019

    Dry, Still, White, Kidonitsa, Keep for 2-3 years
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  3. Kotyle Chardonnay 2017
    Navarino Vineyards

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Keep for 2-3 years, 14.5% alc.
    The top Chardonnay vineyards of Navarino Vineyards, with extremely low yields, grape give a qualitative as who "craves" a separate bottling. Very careful aging few months in French oak and limited contact with the lees are techniques used to give extra dimensions but not over-the fruit. The Kotyle Chardonnay is a wine that can be safely stored for five years after harvest.
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  4. Kotyle Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
    Navarino Vineyards

    Dry, Still, Red, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ages well, 14.5% alc.
    Amazing Cabernet Sauvignon that comes from old vineyards in the region of Messinia at an altitude of 700 meters, grown organically and with low acreage yields. Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape from France, but it has found suitable soil in the vineyards of Messinia, expressing all its varietal characteristics very nicely.
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  5. 1827 Red 2019
    Navarino Vineyards

    Dry, Still, Red, Cabernet Sauvignon, Keep for 2-3 years, 14% alc.
    Cabernet Sauvignon in a pleasant expression with an emphasis on fruit and freshness from vineyards of the Messinian Land at an altitude of 500 meters. It is a gastronomic red wine that can be combined with many different foods, both from Greek and international cuisines.
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  6. Plagies Gerakion - White 2019

    Dry, Still, White, Sauvignon Blanc, Malagouzia, Keep for 2-3 years, 13% alc.
    The more 'sophisticated' than the white wines of the Apostle Mountrichas comes to exclusive use of the House of Wine. The 'Slopes Gerakies' is an original blend Malagousia and Sauvignon Blanc, which has great finesse and elegance in an integrated whole in which six new French oak usage seems to 'touch' the fragrances of wine with 'magical' way.
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  7. T-OINOS Assyrtiko Clos Stegasta 2019
    Tiniakoi Ampelones

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Keep for 2-3 years, 13.5% alc.
    Successfully migrate to Greece, but it seems that the Aegean Assyrtiko finds his homeland. We would say that these islands are the variety that is on the top Burgundy Grand and Premier cru vineyards. The surprise comes from Tinos, with a premium on quality and price Assyrtiko, very limited production.
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  8. Lola Fresh Pilsner

    Ξανθό, 5,5% alc.
    Ξανθιά και σχεδόν διαυγής, με λευκό αφρό μεγάλης διάρκειας. Στη μύτη διακρίνουμε διακριτικά γήινα και ελαφρώς πικάντικα αρώματα. Στο στόμα, η γλυκύτητα της βύνης μαζί με την ελαφριά γεύση μπισκότου δένει αρμονικά με τα ...
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  9. Lola Belgian Ale

    Χάλκινο, 5,5% alc.
    Χάλκινο χρώμα πλούσιος και πυκνός αφρός, αρώματα και γεύσεις ψωμιού και μπισκότου, καθώς και η πικάντικη επίγευση, είναι τα κύρια χαρακτηριστικά της με αλκοόλ 5,5%. Μια τυπική και ευκολόπιοτη Βέλγικη ale που θα συνοδεύσει ...
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  10. Brintzikis Estate - Esperos
    Brintzikis Wines

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Keep for 2-3 years
    Its color is light orange with some pink shades. Its aroma is complex with ripe citrus fruits such as citrus and grapefruit, but also orange peels to dominate and be followed by notes of honey, peach and almond. Its taste is rich, with some subtle tannins, acidity that cools and gives nerve, and long aftertaste.
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