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O/purist Tsipouro

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42% alc.
O / PURIST tsipouro is an exquisite innovative distillate, a product of double distillation, which brings together the elements of traditional tsipouro - the art and the taste of the people of the Greek countryside and the cultural heritage of our place - with those of a distillate of international standards.
During the first distillation, the marcs of three grape varieties -Malagouzia, Roditi and Ugni Blanc- are distilled in a multi-distillation vat, at a slow rate for 10 hours. The blend is placed in a traditional copper vat where the 2nd distillation of the distillate takes place, in the presence of Greek herbs, fruits and spices: onion, coumaro, bilberry, gorcho, quince, lemon peel, orange, grapefruit, as well as carob, ariz , anise, cinnamon, fennel. O / purist is the project of 10 top Greek bartenders (Marfi Bali, Christos Huseas, Alexandros Gikopoulos, Costas Ignatiadis, Dimitris Kiakos, Aris Makris, Giannis Petris, Thodoris Pyrillos, Thanos Prunaros, Nikos , an exquisite distillate for the modern bar scene and the base for creating exceptional signature cocktails.
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More Information

Abv 42%
Volume 700ml
Bottle Size 0.7lt
Country Greece