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40% alc.
A delicious and enjoyful ouzo! The Zacharia family creates the Lost Lake distillery and offers an innovative product that combines taste with respect for tradition. The 'bottom' is a product of technique, advanced distillation methods and secret recipe. Elegant and at the same time fragrant, thanks to its ingredients, in addition to an excellent marriage for appetizers, it is also a perfect digestive.
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Released in an original series of six different labels, each showing a different Mediterranean creature and offering delicacies that combines beautifully with ouzo. Small "appetizers", spicy, salty, sour and with a strong taste that love ouzo. Distillation is done in traditional handmade copper distillers, the only suitable production method that gives the spirits their distinctive character. During the distillation process, the alcohol is flavored with the herbs and fruits of the recipe. Intensive monitoring of all stages of the production process ensures quality. The water springs from the slopes of Elikonas. Anise, known for its analgesic and digestive properties, is collected from villages of Evia, under the guidance of beverage experts, so that the fruit is as fresh as possible to give its highest quality characteristics. Fennel, an ancient sacred herb, enhances the digestive properties of anise. The aromatic profile is complemented by notes of mastic, kakoule and cardamom.

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Producer Lost Lake (Distillery)
Abv 40%
Volume 700ml
Bottle Size 0.7lt
Country Greece
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