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Mytilini ouzo MINI 0.7lt

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40% alc.
What makes ouzo MINI MYTILINIS unique is the 17 secret recipes creators. And finally .... combining them into one. A recipe, kept unchanged since then, and hides inside all the knowledge and experience of distillers.
A recipe, along with the individual herbs of Lesvos and anise Lisvori creates the most favorite ouzo on the island and throughout Greece, ouzo MINI MYTILINIS. In traditional copper stills distillery of EPOM remain for hours in a solution of alcohol and water, seeds, herbs and plants on the island, along with the famous anise Lisvorio and unique mastic. Then, the mixture was distilled slowly, carefully, with continuous inspection and testing. By distillation chosen "adoloto" or "heart", which is the final extract with a clean aroma and mellow flavor, minus the "head" and "tail". Before "adoloto" or "heart" come in bottles, diluted with soft water, which comes from the best sources of Lesvos, ouzo MINI so MYTILINIS obtain the desired alcoholic titlo. Ouzo MINI MYTILINIS has rightly described as the most soft and smooth ouzo because its ingredients, the main one being picked anise from Lisvori remain the same qualitative and pure, as in archi. Nothing has changed in traditional copper stills, nothing has changed in persistent but charming distillation process in production. And that's what makes ouzo MINI MYTILINIS to xechorizei. The foll with years of experience and tradition, transforms anise and other herbs of Lesvos land in a wellness drink, joy and relaxation: ouzo MINI MYTILINIS!
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More Information

Producer ΕΠΟΜ
Abv 40%
Volume 700ml
Country Greece

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