Matured grape spirit Methexis Cigar

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43% alc.
The magical world of spirits hiding wonderful secrets. The Methexis Cigar invites you to a unique culinary journey. Each drop of a unique experience, a feast for the senses, an ideal accompaniment for a good, aromatic cigar.
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The Methexis Cigar invites you to a unique dining periplanisi. Grape variety Sauvignon Blanc yperorimazoun Adrianiotiko under the sun to them until the varietal aromas reach their peak. Slowly and patiently, distill precious wrist, keeping only the heart, where the aromatic character is revealed in its purest form tou. Is the series of wood to give the key touch. Aging starts in new French oak barrels to get rich aromatic with notes of vanilla, coconut and nuts. Continues in barrels where it aged Varietals o Amethystos Sauvignon Blanc. To bouquet are embellished with exquisite aromas of the wine before lived in the same barrel.

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Producer Lazaridis Costas
Abv 43%
Volume 700ml
Bottle Size 0.7lt
Country Greece
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