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Premium Επιλογές

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12 premium επιλεγμένα κρασιά για το Πάσχα


The blend of Asyrtiko and Sauvignon Blanc has given some of the most charming and most sought-after Greek wines. Here, this brand new wine from the also new Akratos winery in Halkidiki, in which Asyrtiko dominates with 70%, will end the cracker. Its creators have the patience and keep an aromatic wine for almost a year at the winery to acquire the sophistication and finesse that we rarely find in such exotic wines.


In Naoussa PDO region, the pioneering Kir-Yianni estate produces premium wines from 100% Xinomavro. Ramnista is a top Xinomavro with black fruits, vegetal aromas such as sun-dried tomato and olives and firm structure.

Karipidis - Sauvignon Blanc Fume (Out of Stock)

Bright yellow color with green hues. Aromatic complex. The varietal aromas of ripe fruit (melon, peach, quince) coexist harmoniously with the sweet (vanilla) and spicy characters (basil) which gives maturing in barrel. Rich and oily in the mouth, with refreshing acidity and a finish that lasts, capable palaiosi.

Spanies Gaies "Vidia" (Out of Stock)

A very elegant single vineyard Chardonnay from the mountainous vineyard Vidia on the plateau of Stymfalia, which focuses on the freshness and purity of the aromas. A wine that easily betrays the cold climate from which it is produced but also the intention of its creators to highlight its varietal characteristics. The green aromas of the fruit, the mineral elements and the sharp acidity bring to mind wines from the famous Chablis at multiple prices.

Saint Modesto (Out of Stock)

Saint Modesto is the newest creation of the Barafaka estate, whose wines are distinguished for their extroversion and expressive aromas. Its name is inspired by the church of Agios Modestos, located at the entrance of the winery. It is a very versatile wine, as it can be consumed as an aperitif but also to accompany delicious dishes of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

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