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Samos Anthemis 0.5lt 2014

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Sweet, Still, White, Moshato Samou, Ages well, 15% alc.
Fine aged sweet wine from Samos. Rich and full with ripe aromas of candied fruit and a long, gives us a sweeter flavor and feel to each sip.
The Greek sweet wines are famous and popular around the world. Here in Greece, of course, we have not properly assess, because we think that for some goulitses to drink a small glass after dinner, for the taste and / or digestion. Wrong! So note: try today Anthemis with hard, aged cheeses, and pastries with fruit or nuts. Also with a handmade ice cream yogurt, cream, or fior di latte. And wait impressions!
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More Information

Producer Samos
Producer's Description Slowly, the Anthemis has evolved into one of the most important wines of the Union.
In this view we have an impressive wine with a deep orange color and highlights in a shade of copper, which show the profound aging.
Aromas of honey, honeycomb honey, toffee, sweets, cherries in alcohol and others in background cocoa and chocolate compose a very complex and dense flavor profile is built on many levels.
On the palate, wonderful balance of Anthemis managed to retain almost intact primary freshness with tertiary aromas of aging playing first violin.
The noble aromas of muscat uniquely combined with that of dried fruits and inviting aromas of tobacco and chocolate, to give a truly unique wine.
Requires partners from the world of high confectionery, while neat, after the end of a dinner party, it came with a lightweight comfort pouro.

Type: Sweet Wine
Category: Designation of Origin "Samos" Controlled
Variety: 100% Moscatel small white berry
Territory: Mountainous drainage and not very fertile soils. Vineyards in small terraces
A wine produced from grapes of mountainous vineyards of Samos by adding the must before or during fermentation, alcohol of vinous origin 96%. Then the wine is aged for 5 years in oak barrels where it acquires an attractive tawny color and a charming bouquet reminiscent of flowers, honey and dried fruit. The soft and balanced flavor make it ideal companion strong cheeses and sweet desserts. Serve at 12 ° -14 ° C.
tasting notes: tawny color. Harmonious and complex nose consisting of secondary or tertiary aromas of muscat. Prominent floral aromas of dried fruits and nuts, honey. Soft and balanced flavor with a long aftertaste.
Wine Color White
Greek Grape Variety Moshato Samou
Quality category Σάμος ΠΟΠ
Vintage 2014
Country Greece
Region Aegean/Samos
Volume 500ml
Bottle Size 0.5lt
Dryness Sweet
Style Still
Abv 15%
When to Drink Ages well
Taste Character Hedonistic sweetness and aromatic complexity
Excellent match with Γλυκά ταψιού, παλαιωμένα κίτρινα τυριά, τάρτες και γλυκά με ξηρούς καρπούς, τάρτες φρούτων, φουά γκρα με γλυκό κυδώνι ή σύκο, χειροποίητο παγωτό
Good match with Cheese Hard Yellow Aged, Γλυκά Ταψιού
Awards 1999
International exhibition of Salonica
Silver - vintage 1992, Best Greek Sweet wine 2001

International exhibition of Salonica
Grand Gold - vintage 1995, Best Wine

International Competition of Japan
Best Greek wine - vintage 1995

International Competition of Austria, "Best of Sweet"

International Competition of France, Bourg

Selections Mondiales, Canada

International Competition of Brussels
Gold - vintage 1997

International Competition of France, Bourg
Silver - vintage 1997

International wine and spirit competition
Silver - vintage 1997

International Competition of Salonica
Grand Gold

International Competition of France, Bourg
Silver - vintage 1997

Selections Mondiales, Canada
Gold - vintage 1998

International Competition of Salonica, Detrop
Gold - vintage 1999

International Competition of France, Bourg
Gold - vintage 1998

International Wine Challenge, Russian Wine Fair
Silver - vintage 1998

International Competition of Salonica
Gold-vintage 2000

Challenge international du vin
Silver - vintage 2000

Wine & Spirits Asia Challenge
Bronze - vintage 1998

International Wine and Spirit Competition, London
Silver (Best in Class) - vintage 2000 Silver - vintage 1998

"The Wine Challenge", 8th Annual Challenge, Singapore
Silver - vintage 1998  

Selections Mondiales Des Vins, Canada
Gold - vintage 2000

International competition of Salonica, Detrop
Grand Gold - vintage 2001

Decanter World Wine Awards
Silver - vintage 2001


Berliner Wein Trophy 2008
Silver-vintage 2000

International competition of Salonica
Silver - vintage 2002

International Wine & Spirit Competition, London
Silver - vintage 2002

Commended - vintage 2002

Challenge International du Vin
Bronze - vintage 2002

International competition of Salonica, Greece
Gold - vintage 2003

Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom
TROPHY - vintage 2002

International Wine & Spirit competition, United Kingdom
Silver Best-in-class - vintage 2002

International Wine Challenge, United Kingdom
Silver - vintage 2002

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Belgium
Gold - vintage 2003

Selections Mondiales des vins, Canada
Silver - vintage 2003

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