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  1. Tentura Vantana 1950 Especial

    95% of 100 12
    25% alc.
    Tentura, the traditional drink of Patras, made of cinnamon and cloves and small family secrets, icy drink every time.
  2. Homericon 500ml

    500ml alc.
    The paradasiako Chian mastic liqueur «HOMERICON» produced by extraction genuine mastic in alcohol, in the same traditional way that our grandparents taught us. This natural resin extracted from the mastic tree trunks, which are grown exclusively in the south of the island, stands out for its unique aroma, full-bodied and lively aftertaste which fills our palate.
  3. Tentura Castle 0.5lt

    25% alc.
    The Tentoura drunk everywhere: after a good meal as a digestive liqueur, cafeteria and bar drink like normal, plain, soda or tonic but mainly frozen in small glasses with cream and grated kanella. Comes beautifully with dried fruit, nuts and donuts.
  4. Metaxa 3 *

    33% alc.
    Fine spirits are aged for at least three years in oak barrels, a perfect marriage with aged Muscat wines are the heart of METAXA 3 *. Enjoy at times get or create new flavors with the surprises.
  5. Mastic APALARINA 0.5lt

    26% alc.
    The Mastic APALARINA Liqueur is a sweet liqueur flavored Chios mastic. Prepare factory Heirs of Seraphim, the first factory in Chios Mastic liqueur that made and makes a special digestive ... Ideal, then, to close the meal!
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