Tsipouro Apostolakis Without Anise 0.7lt

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40% alc.
Without anise for devotee, drunk all day and comes beautifully traditional Greek dishes and seafood dishes.
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The raki FAMILY APOSTOLAKI Scented istorias Magnesia, a place renowned not only for its natural beauty, but also for the fine quality of the local tsipourou. The tradition and history of distillation, goes back to 1922 when refugees from Asia Minor settled in Nea Ionia. Faithful to their old habits and lifestyles after work gathered in homes and taverns, local "tsipouradika", where we enjoy a traditional raki Smyrna, homemade distilled with great care and attention. Over time the company incorporated and locals, who were initiated into the secret recipes and special way of preparation. Today raki has become the traditional drink of the region, ideal accompaniment to seafood, while tsipouradika continue to be a meeting point for about one aiona. Following a long tradition, passion and experience of the Thessalians distillers, the raki APOSTOLAKI FAMILY stands for excellent quality and flavor. Multiple distilled from marc of fine Muscat variety, fermentation conditions and proportion of ingredients is the secret to an exceptional quality raki with light taste and rich aroma. Without anise for devotee or flavored with anise and herbs from the lush mountains of Pelion, Tsipouro FAMILY APOSTOLAKI drunk all day and comes beautifully traditional Greek dishes and seafood dishes.

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Producer Apostolakis
Abv 40%
Volume 700ml
Bottle Size 0.7lt
Country Greece
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