Tsipouro Katsaros without Anise (0.7lt)

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40% alc.
Tsipouro without Anise from Tirnavos and the Katsaros family which since 1856 holds the recipe and taste pure.
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The amvikas has the first word again. The distiller will cut the “head” and “tail” of the distillate so as to let amvikasto sculpt only its “heart”. He must put in the fruity moonshine and hard character of the grape. Doing its taste the cold and the hot of Greece. To give flavor to Olympus water and smells of the Thessaly plain. Make it clear as the thoughts of your heart.

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Producer Katsaros (Distillery)
Abv 40%
Volume 700ml
Bottle Size 0.7lt
Country Greece
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