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V for Vostilidi 2020

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Dry, Still, White, Βοστιλίδι, Keep for 2-3 years
The rare white variety Bostilidi in an amazing expression from Lixouri of Kefalonia with rich taste and seductive aromas. The Spontaneous fermentation and the maturation in a large oak barrel have highlighted the special characteristics of the grape, which is distinguished for the intense aromas of ripe citrus, the mineral elements but also the subtle tannins.
Its color is golden. Its aroma is intense with ripe citrus fruits such as citrus and bergamot, orange peel, notes of honey and minerality. Its taste is rich with balanced acidity, soft tannins with a nice spicy aftertaste. It is a wine that can accompany dishes that traditionally go well with red wines.
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More Information

Producer Οινοποιείο Σαρρή
Wine Color White
Greek Grape Variety Βοστιλίδι
Vintage 2020
Country Greece
Region Ionia/Kefalonia
Volume 750ml
Bottle Size 0.75lt
Dryness Dry
Style Still
When to Drink Keep for 2-3 years
Taste Character White rich and opulent
Excellent match with λιπαρά ψάρια όπως ο τόνος και σολομός, κοτόπουλο και χοιρινό στα κάρβουνα, αρνάκι ή μοσχάρι λεμονάτο, ριζότο μανιταριών και ποικιλίες αλλαντικών και τυριών.
Good match with Barbecue, Cheese Hard White Intense / Salty, Cheese Hard White Light, Cheese Hard Yellow Aged, Cheese Hard Yellow Intense / Salty, Cheese Hard Yellow Oily, Cheese Soft White Fresh, Cheese Soft White Mature / Salty, Cheese Soft Yellow Intense / Salty, Cheese Soft Yellow Light, Fish Fat Cooked Red, Fish Fat Cooked White, Fish Fat Grilled, Fish Fat Roasted, Meat Beef Cooked White, Meat Lamb Cooked White, Mushrooms, Paste White, Poultry Grilled, Risotto, Αλλαντικά

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