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Vinsanto by Gaia 2008

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Sweet, Still, White, Aidani, Athiri, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 14% alc.
Another jewel in the crown of Greek sweet wines that put Greece on the claims in the international wine map. The first attempt by the estate to give Gaia Vinsanto, accompanied by a twist on the traditional style of wine and took ten years to get the bottle. Complexity, richness and balance all in one bottle of 500ml.
The limits of amber brown color with some greenish tinges, an indication of long-term aging of wine. Not completely clear after the wine is bottled unfiltered to not lose track of aroma and flavor. Typical Vinsanto nose, with moderately volatile that contributes to the complexity of the aromas of wine and dried fruits dipped in honey, orange peel and tobacco. Richly sweet in the mouth, with lively acidity that keeps it in balance and volume in the mouth. Perfumes honeycombs, honey, bitter chocolate and herbal hints in the mouth, with a persistent aftertaste evolving. Formality and precision in expression. Drink it chilled at 6th C or store it for several years in your cellar.
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More Information

Producer Gaia
Producer's Description Yiannis Paraskevopoulos
Winemaker, Winery co-owner GAIAS
Trygoume hand and ygiestata mature grapes (mainly Assyrtiko, but little Aidani & Athiri), the spread carefully cut bunches, under the hot August of Santorini sun to dehydrate and to condense sugars and aromas.

One possible deviation from tradition, the creation of Vinsanto GAIAS, is that a portion of the grapes become dehydrated in the shade, protected from direct sunlight, technique that helps to better preserve aromas tous. After ten days or so, the sun and now after the grapes have lost much of their water, the press extensively for many hours until we give the last drop of highly concentrated and aromatic musts. We estimate that by this stage the yield does not exceed 100 lit for each acre grape vineyard ...!

Then the must is placed in old oak barrels where it slowly, very slowly, start the alcoholic fermentation. The fermentation is, under the influence of several sugars and the alcohol formed, it stops by itself, thus leading to the birth of a natural sweet wines.

Then time slowed down ... The Vinsanto will continue to remain and matured within the same barrels fermented for at least 10 long years, acquiring through the sequence of seasons, so deep honey color that characterizes and the complex aroma of charaktira. When I finally reached the moment of the VINSANTO GAIAS will just bottled without suffering the slightest treatment or filtering. You can enjoy this rare wine always cold at 6 ° C approximately, accompanying a rich dessert based on dark chocolate and / or dried figs or simply continue to Aged for many many years to come ... "

From: http://atlantis-santorini.net .
Wine Color White
Greek Grape Variety Aidani, Athiri, Assyrtiko
Quality category Σαντορίνη ΠΟΠ
Vintage 2008
Country Greece
Region Cyclades/Santorini
Volume 500ml
Dryness Sweet
Style Still
Abv 14%
When to Drink Ages well
Taste Character Hedonistic sweetness and aromatic complexity
Excellent match with Σκέτο ή δίπλα σε ένα επιδόρπιο μαύρης σοκολάτας, δίπλα σε μία παλαιωμένη παρμεζάνα ή σε μπλε τυριά τύπου ροκφόρ και stilton.
Good match with Cheese Blue Cheese, Cheese Soft Yellow Intense / Salty, Deserts Chocolate

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