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  1. Belvedere 2016

    Sweet, Still, White, Malvasia, Ages well, 13.5% alc.
    Impressive golden color with orange highlights, exuberant presence fragrance of bergamot, orange peel, honey, small white flowers, butter and caramel, Belvedere is an impressive dessert wine that will end a pleasant dinner or lunch.
    Case saving of 8%
  2. Malvasia Paros 2 years aged 2016

    Sweet, White, Monemvasia, Ages well
    PDO sweet wine from the Monemvasia variety where the grapes are collected overripe and then they are sun-dried to dehydrate under the Cycladic sun. The result is a condensed balanced sweet wine, maturing for 2 years in oak barrels, with a heady aroma and taste. It accompanies pleasantly sweet desserts and cheese varieties.
    Case saving of 8%
  3. Chrysogerakas 2017

    Sweet, Still, White, Gewurztraminer, Malagouzia, Ages well
    An excellent sweet wine that complements the already wide range of Kir Yianni wines. Grapes from the exotic Gewurtzraminer and irresistible Malagouzia that trygiontai late, in the December give a balanced, elegant and full of fruit, wine, which will be loved by fans of sweet wines and more. A rare species of falcon, Lanner falcon gives its name to the wine, whose label is designed by Lila Boutari, daughter of Stellios Boutari located at the helm of the estate.
    Case saving of 8%
  4. Vinsanto Gavalas 2012

    Sweet, Still, White, Aidani, Athiri, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 10% alc.
    Sweet wine from Santorini
    Case saving of 8%
  5. Biblia Chora Estate - Sole Naturally Sweet 500ml 2017

    Sweet, Still, White, Gewurztraminer, Semillon, 13% alc.
    Sweet white wine with intense aromas of citrus and loudoudion. Serving excellent fruits and sweets.
  6. Melias 2019

    €17.43 €20.50
    Sweet, Still, White, Malagouzia, Ages well
  7. Samos Nectar 0.5lt

    Sweet, Still, White, Moshato Samou, Ages well, 14% alc.
    Aged wine sweet fragrance and taste great power. With time, the aromas of Muscat evolve, drool and become an almost sinfully delicious sweetness.
    Case saving of 10%
  8. SantoWines Vinsanto 2013

    Sweet, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 11.4% alc.
    Dessert wine of sun-dried Assyrtiko and Aidani . The maturity of 3 years in oak barrels gives ripe , velvety character while embracing notes of honey , lemon and raisin aromas and sweet spices .
  9. Samos Anthemis 0.5lt 2014

    Sweet, Still, White, Moshato Samou, Ages well, 15% alc.
    Fine aged sweet wine from Samos. Rich and full with ripe aromas of candied fruit and a long, gives us a sweeter flavor and feel to each sip.
  10. Estate Argyros - Vinsanto Late Release 2001

    Sweet, Still, White, Aidani, Athiri, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 13.5% alc.
    One of the most important sweet wines, not only in Greece but in all of Europe. A Vinsanto that has aged for at least 16 years in the cellars of the Silver Estate in Santorini with unimaginable complexity and a very beautifully balanced sweet that comes from vineyards older than 200 years. It's worth every euro you spend to get it!
  11. Estate Argyros - Vinsanto First Release 2013

    Sweet, Still, White, Aidani, Athiri, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 13.5% alc.
    The Vinsanto of Argyrou Estate is a constant value in Greek sweet wines. Here the warm sweetness offset by its exceptional acidity and concentration leads to an excellent wine. The careful vinification and proper aging give a result that is firmly embraced by the ubiquitous friends of sweet wines, sweeping the distinctions in Greece and abroad.
  12. Alpha Estate - Omega 2017

    Αναμένεται μέσα Νοεμβρίου
    Sweet, Still, White, Gewurztraminer, Aidani, Ages well, 14% alc.
    Delicate dessert wine from Domaine ALFA. The combination Malagousia and Gewurztraminer gives excellent aromaticity, while the excellent terroir Amyndeo endows the wine with nice acidity.
  13. Gerovassiliou - Malagouzia Late Harvest 2018

    Sweet, Still, White, Malagouzia, Ages well, 13% alc.
    Cool, balanced sweet wine from grapes on the vines yperorimazoun. Wine with golden color and aromas of ripe fruit. Enjoy it at 6 ° C as an aperitif or accompaniment to a fresh fruit or a sweet tart fruit.
  14. Nopera Winery - Epitome

    Sweet, Still, White, Moshato, Ages well
    Extremely sophisticated sweet wine from Samos, topping the list. Choose the best barrels of sweet wine that mature patiently in the cellars of the winery, between wines from different vineyards and different years. The fruit comes from the vineyards of the island where the principles of organic and biodynamic cultivation are applied. The result is a wine that really touches.
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