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  1. Techni Alypias- Rose 2020

    Dry, Still, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Syrah, Keep for 2-3 years
    From those wines that justifiably do not produce a whole year due to demand, and is produced from a peculiar combination of varieties that give it aromas of red fruit in a ripe- "sweet" version. A suspicion of sweetness in the mouth combined with a refreshing acidity and a long fruity aftertaste make it irresistible on its own or in combination with a delicious pasta.
    Case saving of 10%
  2. Plagies Gerakion - Rose 2021

    Dry, Still, Rose, Mavrokountoura, Drink it now, 13% alc.
    New expression in the rare Mafrokountoura, with rosé Plagies Gerakion. Intense expressive nose, very crisp, fresh red fruit both on the nose and mouth and an overall fruit-acidity balance gives the wine enjoyable dimension.
    Case saving of 8%
  3. Notes Rose 2020

    95% of 100 8
    Dry, Still, Rose, Moshofilero, Drink it now, 12.5% alc.
    One of the few rosé labels based Moschofilero, this wine stands out for its aromaticity and freshness. This year's wine contains a "drop" Agiorgitiko, and this gives it a more "serious" dimension, but it deprives the playful, floral character.
    Case saving of 10%
  4. Karipidis - Rose 2021

    Dry, Still, Rose, Sangiovese, Ages well, 12,5% alc.
    Bright yellow color with green hues. Aromatic complex. The varietal aromas of ripe fruit (melon, peach, quince) coexist harmoniously with the sweet (vanilla) and spicy characters (basil) which gives maturing in barrel. Rich and oily in the mouth, with refreshing acidity and a finish that lasts, capable palaiosi.
    Case saving of 8%
  5. Novita 2019

    Dry, Still, White, Goustolidi, Drink it now, 13% alc.
    The Goustolidi was born in the Ionian Sea. It grew up in Zakynthos. In the hands of the Grampsas brothers, the rare variety Goustolidi shows that it i can stand on its own and rebirth its history. A pleasant suprise from a wellbalanced wine in the mouth.
    Case saving of 8%
  6. Alexandra 2020

    Dry, Still, White, Malagouzia, Drink it now, 12% alc.
    The Claudia Papagianni 'tames' the fussy nature exhibiting Malagouzia the vineyard and manages to 'Alexandra' to bring forth the aromatic dimension of diversity that makes it so appealing to the modern consumer. The 'clarity' fruit, the lovely anthikotita and freshness of this Malagousia are great 'companion' to the person who consumes both near and away from the table.
    Case saving of 8%
  7. Les Iles de Sigalas Rose 2020

    Dry, Still, Rose, Mantilaria, Mavrotragano, Drink it now, 13.5% alc.
    The Aegean red varieties Mandilaria and Mavrotragano combine very nicely, giving us an elegant Santorini rosé wine with the signature of Ktimatos Sigalas. With pleasant aromas of red fruits and flowers and rich taste, it is sure to tie in nicely with all the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.
    Case saving of 8%
  8. Plano Malagouzia 2021

    Dry, Still, White, Malagouzia, Drink it now
    Cool and pleasant Assyrtiko from Drama and Domaine Wine Art in more aromatic style and less rigid than that of the island, which proves that the variety they cultivate will give excellent wines.
    Case saving of 10%
  9. Nostos Asyrtiko 2020

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Keep for 2-3 years
    An amazing Assyrtiko from Crete and the Manousaki winery in Chania with excellent value for money. The lively fruity profile, its refreshing acidity but also the oiliness that it acquires during the 4-month maturation on its wine lees (sur lie) make it one of the most 'friendly' Assyrtika of the Greek vineyard while at the same time it has the mineral elements and the structure. of a more 'strict' wine.
    Case saving of 8%
  10. Avdiros Red

    Dry, Still, Red, Syrah, Limnio, Pamidi, Keep for 2-3 years, 14% alc.
    According to Greek mythology, Hercules built the city of Abdera in Thrace in memory of his friend, Abdera, when he was killed in battle with the wild horses of the king of Thrace, Diomedes. This delicious red wine that pulsates with liveliness, fruit and spicy elements is named after this legend. The oldest Greek variety, Limnio, puts its fruity characteristics and kindness, the Thracian grape Pamidi the extroverted character and the international Syrah the structure and the spice profile in a wine that is pleasantly enjoyed in winter and summer.
  11. Roditis Nature

    Dry, Still, White, Roditis, Keep for 2-3 years
    Case saving of 89%
  12. Oditis 2020

    Dry, Still, Rose, Agiorgitiko, Drink it now
    Agiorgitiko is proven to give irresistible rosé wines! And when it comes from mountain vineyards in mountainous Corinth and bears the signature of Strofilia, then we are definitely talking about a rosé that steals the show. The short stay of the peels with the juice and the fermentation at a low temperature bring to our glass a cool, mind-blowing but at the same time elegant rose that ‘travels’.
  13. Viognier Cuvee Larsinos 2020

    Η νέα σοδειά αναμένεται τον Ιούνιο 2022
    Dry, Still, White, Viognier, Drink it now, 13.5% alc.
    Very special white wine based on the beautiful French variety Viognier. Overflowing with beautiful fruity aromas, framed by the discreet presence of oak. The crisp acidity is the "icing on the cake" for this beloved label.
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