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  1. Palivou Estate - Nemea 2018

    Dry, Still, Red, Agiorgitiko, Keep for 2-3 years, 13.5% alc.
    Qualitative tag Nemea by Nemeati known winemaker George Palivos. Beautiful, typically balanced flavors and structure make a wine that promises beautiful moments along with delicious Greek cuisine winter.
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  2. Dio Filoi - Pinot Noir 2017
    Dio Filoi

    Dry, Still, Red, Pinot Noir, Ages well, 13% alc.
    A new red label from the winery "Two Friends," which has been much discussed. Rich, full, tannic and high alcohol, "trade off" some of the typical features elegant variety of Pinot Noir in order to obtain a more "tough" profile, as well as years of aging.
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  3. Antaris 2016

    Dry, Still, Red, Mourverde, Keep for 2-3 years, 13% alc.
    Separate red wine characterized by its deep purple color and velvety feel in the mouth that gives. Thick and delicious, drunk syntrofefontas beautiful evenings with good food.
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  4. Estate Theodorakakos Mavroudi - Red 2015

    Dry, Still, Red, Mavroudi, Drink it now, 13% alc.
    With beautiful, ripe ruby ​​color suggests the fullness of the wine, very interesting nose with aromas of apple, cinnamon, and conveyed to the mouth with a stylish rigor, fine acidity and well structured tannins, seeking meat, good course, is wine will take off a light tasty meat and baked or grilled.
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  5. Boutari - Agiorgitiko 2017

    Dry, Still, Red, Agiorgitiko, Keep for 2-3 years, 12.5% alc.
    Very good expression of the Nemea grape for our everyday table: A nice ruby ​​color, aromas typical of Agiorgitiko, enjoyable and long aftertaste.
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  6. Theopetra Estate - Limniona 2017


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    Dry, Still, Red, Limniona, 13% alc.
    Another fantastic indigenous variety near eradication back on track microvinification from producers such as estate Theopetra. High quality potential is expressed perfectly in Limniona the estate, with expressive aromatic character and robust structure, tannins, acidity and concentration to balance outstanding.
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  7. Nemea Aivali 2018


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    Dry, Still, Red, Agiorgitiko, 14% alc.
    One of the finest labels Nemea OPAP market. Renowned for its rich nose that evolves in the glass, the correct tannins and excellent length. A wine that captures more than just the right wine richness of Nemea.
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  8. THEMA - Red 2017

    Dry, Still, Red, Syrah, Agiorgitiko, Ages well, 14% alc.
    Strong red wine, based on a sensible marriage: that of Syrah, distinguished for its spicy power with Agiorgitiko, which gives ... velvety sauciness. Why not try the result ...
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  9. Nemea Epilegmenos 2014

    Dry, Still, Red, Agiorgitiko, Ages well, 13% alc.
    Fine tag Nemea OPAP from a winery with history and most discrimination in Greece and abroad. An elegant red wine that showcases the cosmopolitan side of Agiorgitiko with crystal typical aromas, balanced acidity and velvety tannins.
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  10. Dryope Estate - Nemea 2017

    Dry, Still, Red, Agiorgitiko, Keep for 2-3 years, 13% alc.
    From the beautiful labels Nemea OPAP market. John Tselepos closes his love for Agiorgitiko and Nemea in each bottle Dryope Estate. Beautiful aromas of spice on the nose, pleasant tannins and good acidity in the mouth and good aftertaste compose one of the very typical and popular wines of Nemea.
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  11. Sgouridi Sigma - Red 2019

    Dry, Still, Red, Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, Ages well, 13.5% alc.
    A red polypoikiliako impresses with both its flavors, the aromas and the dynamics of aging. Tannic but balanced with fruity notes of plum and spice, impressive dining completeness, matches many dishes in the daily table.
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  12. Nostos Grenache 2016

    Dry, Still, Red, Grenache Rouge, Ages well, 14.5% alc.
    Complex and spicy red wine - a rare example of varietal bottling Grenache Rouge in Greece. The exuberant flavors of the variety are even more strongly the influence of oak barrels, while the tannins are looking strong meat to ... find a mate.
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  13. Oenops Limniona 2018
    Oenops Wines

    Dry, Still, Red, Limniona, Ages well
    The talented Nikos Karatzas, founder of Oenops, tours all over Greece and creates wines from different terroir and varieties. This time it 'stops' in Limniona, one of the most rising Greek varieties and in Thessaly. 80% of the wine fermented and aged in clay amphoras, while the rest in large barrels. The result is an excellent wine with purity of fruit and baccarat, but in limited quantity!
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  14. Idypnoos Merlot 2014

    Dry, Still, Red, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Ages well, 13% alc.
    A gentle and easy-Red Wine by Symeonidis. Typically aromatic, velvety mouth and beautiful during the Idypnoos Merlot is a pleasant red wine for all tastes and all times.
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  15. Chateau Julia - Merlot 2018
    Lazaridis Costas

    Dry, Still, Red, Merlot, Ages well, 15% alc.
    From the top Greek Merlot. Is wine aging profile and win even the most demanding lover of red wine. Rich aromas, powerful tannic structure and long in the mouth are some of the features. The pinched alcohol ... not scare you - they'll help you evolve as nicely aged in your cellar ...
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