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  1. Papagiannakos Asyrtiko 2020

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Keep for 2-3 years
    Asyrtiko has overwhelmed the Greek vineyard and it seems to be doing well in most areas! The vineyard of Attica is definitely the case and it is proved by Asyrtiko Vasilis Papayannakos, a wine that 'carries all the attributes of the variety. Vivid acidity, lemon fragrances and mineral elements. With the most affordable Asyrtiko of Santorini costing almost double the price, this wine is excellent value for money.
    Case saving of 8%
  2. Papagiannakos Savatiano 2020

    Dry, Still, White, Savatiano, Drink it now, 12% alc.
    A new age Savatiano from this ultra modern winery near Athens, it possesses an intense tropical fruity character of banana and pineapple, with round mouth and balanced acidity.
  3. Papagiannakos Retsina 2020

    Dry, Still, White, Savatiano, Keep for 2-3 years, 12% alc.
    The return of the most traditional of Greek wine vineyard has quite a different picture from that which has been created in our minds. Modern winemaking clean, high quality fruit, excellent balance in the mouth and in your glass is a modern representative of the new generation of the popular retsina identical with the winemaking tradition.
  4. Kalogeri Malagouzia 2020

    Dry, Still, White, Malagouzia, Drink it now, 12% alc.
    A unique bioclimatic winery, a third-generation producer and a variety beside the classic Savatiano Atticus vineyard seems to have adapted to highly calcareous soils giving wines of exceptional quality. Finos fruity character, flowers and mineral mouth in a super Malagouzia from the winery Papagiannakou featuring amazing value.
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