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White Wine

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  1. Methymnaios White 2016


    Regular Price: €13.80

    Special Price €11.73

    Dry, Still, White, Chidiriotiko, Ages well, 14,5% alc.
    A blanc de noir (white wine from black grapes) from the unknown to the general public, Chydiriotiko variety. The white Methymnaios is rich in the mouth with a 'hot' alcohol and has strong fossil evide...
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  2. Domaine Claudia Papayianni White 2016
    Claudia Papayianni

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Ages well, 12.6% alc.
    The globally recognized Chardonnay is the 'strong' basis for this wine. To become more interesting the end result added an aromatic 'touch' (Malagouzia) and more intensity (Assyrtiko). The excellent r...
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    Case saving of €6.36 (8%)
  3. Alpha Estate - Omega 2016

    Sweet, Still, White, Gewurztraminer, Malagouzia, Ages well, 14% alc.
    Delicate dessert wine from Domaine ALFA. The combination Malagousia and Gewurztraminer gives excellent aromaticity, while the excellent terroir Amyndeo endows the wine with nice acidity.
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    Case saving of €8.52 (9%)
  4. Malvasia Paros 2016

    Sweet, White, Monemvasia, Ages well
    PDO sweet wine from the Monemvasia variety where the grapes are collected overripe and then they are sun-dried to dehydrate under the Cycladic sun. The result is a condensed balanced sweet wine, matur...
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    Case saving of €14.28 (8%)
  5. Thyrsus - White 2016

    Dry, Still, White, Viognier, Malagouzia, Keep for 2-3 years, 12,5% alc.
    Original, aromatic and round mouth blend Malagousia and Viognier. Buck Chalky gives absolute freedom to his son Alexander to create and he surprises us with this unusual combination. The Thyrsus is ex...
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    Case saving of €5.82 (9%)
  6. Perpetuus - White 2016
    Lazaridis Nico

    Dry, Still, White, Semillon, Keep for 2-3 years, 12.5% alc.
    Fine varelato white, which belongs to the family of premium estate. Elegant nose, and then exuberant and spicy in the mouth, rewarding our preference to correct acidity and very elegant aftertaste. Learn More
    Case saving of €9.96 (8%)
  7. Propodes 2016


    Regular Price: €17.20

    Special Price €14.62

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Ages well
    One of the best Greek Chardonnays, at prices we wonder if a mistake is made in pricing. Chris Zafirakis has managed to create a great wine with character and finesse that many producers from Burgundy ...
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  8. Tarsanas 2016
    Kir Yiannis


    Regular Price: €24.80

    Special Price €21.08

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Keep for 2-3 years, 13.5% alc.
    Asyrtiko makes wonders not only in the volcanic soils of Santorini, but also in cold areas such as Amynteo and at high altitudes. In 2004, Kyri Yianni Estate planted Asyrtiko on the hill of Samaropetr...
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  9. Prekniariko Chrysohoou (barrel) 2016

    Dry, Still, White, Keep for 2-3 years, 14.5% alc.
    White wine from 100% white priknadi (prekniariko) a Greek variety of Northern and Central Greece. Wonderful, aromatic wine with a round mouth and a strong aftertaste.
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    Case saving of €6.96 (8%)
  10. Santorini Nichteri Reserve 2016

    Dry, Still, White, Aidani, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Keep for 2-3 years, 13,9% alc.
    Aged white from Santorini blend that utilizes the three main varieties of the island, but always focusing Assyrtiko. It boasts of sophisticated color and aromas of lemons have "melosei" and framed by ...
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    Case saving of €12.18 (8%)
  11. Vientzi Single Vineyard 2016

    Dry, Still, White, Savatiano, Keep for 2-3 years
    There is no doubt that Savatiano is now among the most important native varieties. There is also no doubt that Vasilis Papayiannakos is the producer who contributed the most to its rebirth. This singl...
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    Case saving of €6.12 (8%)
  12. Frouri - Mantinea 2016

    Dry, Still, White, Moshofilero, Drink it now, 12% alc.
    Classic wine Moschofilero that excites with fine floral aromas of the variety, accented by fresh acidity of the wine. Familiar and beloved Greek flavor that goes with everything and enjoyed every mome...
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  13. Ode Panos 2016

    Dry, Sparkling, White, Moshofilero, Ages well, 11.5% alc.
    Popular sparkling wine combines elegant floral aromas Moschofilero the refreshing crispness of the bubbles of sparkling wine. A gentle (and economic) alternative to Champagne.
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  14. Samos Grand Cru 0.5lt 2016

    Sweet, Still, White, Moshato Samou, Ages well, 15% alc.
    The gem of Samos in our glasses. Low yields, careful winemaking and above all love and respect for the beautiful Muscat of Samos give us a nice dessert wine that pleasantly drunk neat, but accompanies...
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  15. Sgouridi Sigma - White 2016


    Regular Price: €9.10

    Special Price €7.74

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Drink it now, 13% alc.
    It is an easy-everyday white wine that reveals quite easily 'North' origin. On the nose very beautiful and good intensity, floral aromas with fruity accents night, very pleasant flavor, acidity that m...
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