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White Wine

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  1. Kallisti Reserve 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Drink it now, 13.5% alc.
    Classic and original label varelatis Santorini undisputed champion of this - and now highly popular - category. The fermentation in oak barrels gives the distinctive metal and lemon aromas of Assyrtiko a more roasted flavor and smoky dimension.
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  2. Kotyle Chardonnay 2017
    Navarino Vineyards

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Keep for 2-3 years, 13% alc.
    The top Chardonnay vineyards of Navarino Vineyards, with extremely low yields, grape give a qualitative as who "craves" a separate bottling. Very careful aging few months in French oak and limited contact with the lees are techniques used to give extra dimensions but not over-the fruit. The Kotyle Chardonnay is a wine that can be safely stored for five years after harvest.
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    Case saving of €8.94 (8%)
  3. Kikones White 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Ages well, 13.5% alc.
    Classic Chardonnay with excellent balance between fruity and aromatic characteristics in smoked oak aromas and mouth has thickness and oiliness of the lengthy stay and stirring the wine on the lees. The Anything But Chardonnay wine lovers it is time to revise their view of the variety ...
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  4. Estate Hadjimichali - Kapnias "Vineyard Zygos" 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Keep for 2-3 years, 14% alc.
    From the most famous Greek and quality labels varelatou Chardonnay. Exemplary vinified, presents proper balance between the primary aromas of the variety and the most smoked giving the barrel, with the support of accented acidity and beautiful, spicy aftertaste.
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    Case saving of €11.82 (8%)
  5. Ode Panos 2017

    Dry, Sparkling, White, Moshofilero, Ages well, 11.5% alc.
    Popular sparkling wine combines elegant floral aromas Moschofilero the refreshing crispness of the bubbles of sparkling wine. A gentle (and economic) alternative to Champagne.
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    Case saving of €5.46 (8%)
  6. Thyrsus - White 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Viognier, Malagouzia, Keep for 2-3 years, 12,5% alc.
    Original, aromatic and round mouth blend Malagousia and Viognier. Buck Chalky gives absolute freedom to his son Alexander to create and he surprises us with this unusual combination. The Thyrsus is exciting on the nose, full mouth and prove that if the old is otherwise, the new is always nice.
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    Case saving of €5.70 (8%)
  7. Santorini Assyrtiko Grand Reserve 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Keep for 2-3 years, 14.0% alc.
    Varelati Santorini intended for large heron grilled. The ripened fruit of sense and the strong presence of the barrel with the explosive balance acidity of wine.
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    Case saving of €13.98 (8%)
  8. Thousand Years White 2017
    Barafakas Estate

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Keep for 2-3 years
    From a new emerging producer of Nemea , comes this special wine from Chardonnay, to surprise and to show us that this area can give and great white wines . Christos Barafakas uses acacia barrels giving an intense and elegant at the same time ' varelato ' character that will delight even those ' difficult ' this wine style.
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    Case saving of €5.16 (8%)
  9. Tsantali - Moschofilero 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Moshofilero, Drink it now, 11.5% alc.
    Cool white wine variety Moschofilero. The elegant triantafyllenia aromas and nice aftertaste make a very good choice for white wine.
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    Case saving of €4.44 (8%)
  10. Vientzi Single Vineyard 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Savatiano, Keep for 2-3 years
    There is no doubt that Savatiano is now among the most important native varieties. There is also no doubt that Vasilis Papayiannakos is the producer who contributed the most to its rebirth. This single vineyard (Vientzi) Savatiano from old vineyards and low yields, with its mineral elements, complexity, sharp acidity and aging is probably the top specimen of the variety.
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    Case saving of €6.84 (8%)
  11. Hatzidakis - Skytali 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 14.0% alc.
    Case saving of €19.08 (9%)
  12. Estate Argyros - Assyrtiko Cuvee Monsignori 2017

    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Ages well, 14% alc.
    Its color is light green lemon. Its aromas are citrusy with an emphasis on lemon, grapefruit and orange peel, followed by notes of peach and pear and at the end come some notes of mineral and tea. The mouth is very complex and balanced with its acidity being very high, the minerals being intense and the aftertaste being lemonade. It is one of the wines that can evolve for at least a decade.
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  13. Alpha Estate - Omega 2017

    Sweet, Still, White, Gewurztraminer, Aidani, Ages well, 14% alc.
    Delicate dessert wine from Domaine ALFA. The combination Malagousia and Gewurztraminer gives excellent aromaticity, while the excellent terroir Amyndeo endows the wine with nice acidity.
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  14. Tarsanas 2017
    Kir Yiannis


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    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Keep for 2-3 years, 13.5% alc.
    Asyrtiko makes wonders not only in the volcanic soils of Santorini, but also in cold areas such as Amynteo and at high altitudes. In 2004, Kyri Yianni Estate planted Asyrtiko on the hill of Samaropetra at an altitude of 700 meters and the result justifies that decision! An excellent wine and worthy of the reputation of the variety, kneading into new oak barrels where it remains for maturing for 8 ...
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  15. Palpo 2017
    Kir Yiannis

    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Keep for 2-3 years, 13% alc.
    The Kir Yianni estate keeps experimenting and surprising us! An elegant and stylish premium limited production Chardonnay, part of the new series of single vineyard wines of the estate. Ripe stone fruit in perfect harmony with the elements of oak, creating a complex set very close to the style of the great Burgundy Chardonnay.
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