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Monograph Moshofilero 2020

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Dry, Still, White, Moshofilero, Drink it now, 12% alc.
Pleasant varietal character, with Moshofilero speak with Floral hints of white flowers and rose nose and low alcohol, light body and crisp acidity levels in the mouth. Remarkably well-made if one considers the price of Monograph. Screw cap ensures freshness and natural fragrances ease of opening the bottle.
Pale lemon yellow with gray highlights and expressive aromas of citrus and floral nose with rose to dominate. Dry and lemony acidity in the mouth light body in urges to drink a little more and refreshing, fruity aftertaste. Good level of fruit and lively varietal character in an exceptional value for money wine for every day.
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More Information

Producer Gaia
Producer's Description Since 1994 our company produces in Santorini 2 of the most branded wine. In Thalassitis and Thalassitis BARREL. For the production of these wines we employ the latest technology and expertise so that, through them, the opportunity to Assyrtiko vineyard Episkopi, Akrotiri and the Tower to express the best possible character tou.
One of the winemaking techniques are applied and the use of selected yeast strains, one technique that ensures stability and repeatability character end result, always within the specified contexts defined by each esodeia.
For Assyrtiko GAIAS - Wild Fement our approach was a little different. The carefully chosen for the maturity and health of Assyrtiko derived exclusively from the "mountain" vineyard of the Tower, which makes it a little aromatikotero Assyrtiko from the rest nisiou.
Assyrtiko it after passing through one twelve-phase extraction pre-fermentation at 10 ° C will roughly apolaspothei and driven both small refrigerated INOX tanks of 1.000 lit and in new French oak barrels of 225 lit. There simply will not let the temperature go up by itself without any intervention on our part. Basically from this point on, the modern technology delivers the baton in traditional winemaking ...
The alcoholic fermentation will begin and evolve on its own too - very slowly. The strains of yeast will be able to prevail will be those who will ultimately determine - broadly - the character of the new krasiou.
In each tank and barrel something different - in terms of yeast - will happen. In some cases the result will not like it. In the end we will choose for you only those tanks and barrels - as we believe - shoot Assyrtiko new heights apolafsis.
The "evil" (or "good" for some) this "uncertainty" in the production of Assyrtiko GAIAS - Wild Ferment may lie in the fact that each year "forced" to discover a new dimension and this truly multifaceted variety, Assyrtiko Santorinis.
One particularity of most Assyrtiko from Santorini is that while going for white wines have "behavior" red! Try the aging of ASSYRTIKO GAIAS for 2-3 years, but strictly in the temperature never exceeded the 12 - 14 ° C. The wine will change profoundly. The metal dimension to decline while fruit aromas and honey will dress the body tou.
Finally remember to spend your GAIAS Assyrtiko (new or aged) in a wide decanter (decanting) about half an hour before enjoying. This new dimension will delight you ...!
Wine Color White
Greek Grape Variety Moshofilero
Quality category ΠΓΕ Πελοπόννησος
Vintage 2020
Country Greece
Region Peloponnese/Nemea
Volume 750ml
Bottle Size 0.75lt
Dryness Dry
Style Still
Abv 12%
When to Drink Drink it now
Taste Character White light, crisp and refreshing
Excellent match with Απεριτίφ, δροσερές σαλάτες με λεμονάτο dressing, τηγανητή γλώσσα, τηγανητά κολοκυθάκια, ελαφριά ζυμαρικά
Good match with Aperitif, Fish Fried, Pasta Red
Type of Box Carton

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