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Dark Cave

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41% alc.
A long aging essence, the newest component in the blend has matured for 5 years in French and American barrels that had previously hosted red wine and Vinsanto. The finish is shocking, the long maturation lends aromas of dried fruit and complex character xirokarpato while it softens and rounds this unique quality elixir.
Amber-natural result of aging-color, thick, thick and rich kylane tears in the glass. Do not shake, take one inhalation two seconds to reveal the complexity of his character. The primary varietal character has given way to aromas of dried fruits such as apricot and plum, sweet bacharenion many elements reminiscent of vanilla, dried fruit aromas of brewed coffee. In the mouth the 'corners' are rounded due to his long stay in the barrel with the distillate is rich, soft texture and volume. The long aftertaste, shocking in perfumes with huge development. A unique spirit that you can enjoy a glass of grappa or even better in a glass of malt whiskey. One with two ice cubes for the not so hardcore will enhance the delightful charaktira. Food Combining: Plain, or with a good cigar, or a high quality and purity black sokolata
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More Information

Producer Tsililis
Abv 41%
Volume 700ml
Country Greece

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