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  1. Diadromes 2020

    €8.25 €9.70
    Dry, Still, White, Malagouzia, Drink it now
    Malagouzia is very beautifully expressed in the Attic vineyard and this exotic ‘route’ of Strofilia proves it. The excellent raw material from the privately owned vineyards in Anavyssos, the careful vinification and the maturation in acacia barrels that pass a part of the wine, lead to a charming and modern expression of the variety that immediately wins the impressions.
  2. 1827 White 2020

    €12.67 €14.90
    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Roditis, Drink it now
    With fruit from the beautiful vineyards of the Messinian land overlooking the bay of Navarino, Navarino Vineyards creates a very tasty white wine from Chardonnay and Roditi. The expressive aromas and flavors and its cool acidity make it ideal as an aperitif, while at the same time it can accompany and highlight all the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.
  3. Kydonitsa Zacharias 2020

    €6.89 €8.10
    Dry, Still, White, Kidonitsa, Drink it now
    Kydonitsa, a rare variety in the Peloponnese, evolves into a fine grape yielding delicious and cool wines with a Mediterranean profile. This wine also proves that it comes from the own vineyards of the Zacharia family in Nemea, where we taste all the wonderful features of the variety. Value for money is very good.
  4. Domain Mega Spileo White 2018

    €9.27 €10.90
    Dry, Still, White, Assyrtiko, Lagorthi, Drink it now
    Its color is light lemon. Its aroma is full of life with fresh green fruits such as apple and pear, citrus, peach and essential notes of white flowers. In the mouth it is relatively rich in acidity that gives incredible freshness, the flavors of the fruit dominate, some soft notes of vanilla make their appearance while its aftertaste is long.
  5. Folia 2020

    €9.95 €11.70
    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Drink it now, 13,5% alc.
    A particularly delightful white wine from Chardonnay will win fans of this popular variety, but not only. Has deep nose, with aromas mentioning flowers and summer fruits, good acidity and lovely length in the mouth.
  6. ANAX 2019

    €33.75 €39.70
    Dry, Still, White, Chardonnay, Drink it now, 14% alc.
    Fine white wine with flattering comments from Greek and foreign specialists. Rich, exuberant with good balance and a long aftertaste
  7. Coma Berenices 2020

    €11.82 €13.90
    Dry, Still, White, Viognier, Drink it now, 13% alc.
    Noble white wine in our glass brings an elegant varelato Viognier, by French standards. It's cool, with nice acidity and aromas of exotic fruit frolic beautifully with spicy aromatic notes giving the barrel. Limited production wine that impresses.
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7 Items

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