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Ouzo Plomari - Adolo 0.7lt

88% of 100
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42% alc.
Disinterested heart of the heart of Ouzo Plomari. The disinterested third distillation is the "heart" of Ouzo Plomari distilled patiently for 13 hours, in sfyliratimeno hand copper alembic of 1911 and is the "heart of hearts" Ouzo Plomari Isidore Arvanitou. An excellent triple distilled spirit that creates new separate category prestigious ouzo for all those who recognize and appreciate quality. To your health!
The Adolo with the triple distillation of the "heart" of Ouzo Plomari keeps the essence, the perfect balance of flavor and fragrance in a distillate 42% vol. Has crystal display, clear with dense "tears" and blue emulsion after dilution beverage nero. Distinguished by its sleek and elegant aroma with soft intensity aromas of anise, fennel, cinnamon and chamomile to create their own particular charaktira. Its taste is semi-arid, with hot alcohol and full body. Soft intensity aromas of anise, fennel, mastic Kakouli and cinnamon. Oily, pleasant texture with a long and slightly sweet finish that expresses the authentic character of the spirit.
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More Information

Producer Αρβανίτης Ισίδωρος
Abv 42%
Volume 700ml
Country Greece

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