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Samos Grand Cru 0.5lt 2020

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Sweet, Still, White, Moshato Samou, Ages well, 15% alc.
The gem of Samos in our glasses. Low yields, careful winemaking and above all love and respect for the beautiful Muscat of Samos give us a nice dessert wine that pleasantly drunk neat, but accompanies and delicious sweet and savory flavors.
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More Information

Producer Samos
Producer's Description The most famous worldwide Samos, the Grand Cru from selected vineyards and is a classic Vin Doux Naturel. The color resembles that of Topaziou, while the nose the wine expresses successfully features aromas Moschato. The same occurs in the mouth, which is fresh and sweet balanced, compared to its acidity.
It's pleasant, but above all easy-. Produced by well-ripened grapes selected, mountainous vineyards and reflects both the specific and characteristic variety Muscat, and the winemaking place of Samos.
Fits slightly sweet fruit, but you have to experiment with "savory" dishes, such as those with cream and yellow cheese sauce or even rotisserie chicken for which this wine is a escort-revelation!

Type: Natural Sweet Wine
Category: Designation of Origin "Samos" Controlled
Variety: 100% Moscatel small white berry
Territory: The imioreinoi tumors Kerkis Vine with very poor soil
Vineyards: Selected, landscaped terraces and benches in narrow width. Maximum yield per hectare 530 kg grapes / hectare.
Harvest: is made from healthy grapes ripe enough. The presentation at the winery is in telara. On the northern slopes of Vine and Kerki some vineyards with low yield per hectare stand of the way there expressed fragrant and tasty white muscat. The specifics of the selected vineyards imposed the creation of a new, distinct class of natural sweet wine, Grand Cru, which is produced by the fermentation process stop adding grape alcohol of vinous origin 96%. The Grand Cru is distinguished by its bright golden color reminiscent of topaz and aromatic richness that combines the memories of the grape with aromas of exotic fruits konfitouras. In the mouth it is balanced so that it can easily accompany those dishes that seek the sweet companionship of such poultry cooked foods but fruits and cream. Equally harmony can stand alone or alongside light desserts and fruits. Serve chilled at 8 ° - 10 ° C. Tasting notes: Color golden topaz and the nose pleasant to the combination of primary and secondary fragrance. The content of sugars of the Grand Cru, along with acidity, creates the feel of a semi-sweet wine has intense aromas of fresh muscat grapes.
Wine Color White
Greek Grape Variety Moshato Samou
Quality category Σάμος ΠΟΠ
Vintage 2020
Country Greece
Region Aegean/Samos
Volume 500ml
Dryness Sweet
Style Still
Abv 15%
When to Drink Ages well
Taste Character Light and vibrant sweet wines
Excellent match with Γλυκά ταψιού, πλατό φρούτων, τάρτες φρούτων
Good match with Fruit, Γλυκά Ταψιού
Awards 1999
International Competition of Salonica
Silver - vintage 1998

International Competition of Brussels
Silver - vintage 1999

International Competition of Austria, "Best of Sweet"

International Competition of Brussels
Silver - vintage 2000

International Competition of France, Bourg
Bronze - vintage 2002

International Competition of Brussels
Silver - vintage 2002

International wine and spirit competition
Bronze - vintage 2002

Selections Mondiales, Canada
Gold - vintage 2003

Challenge International du vin, Bourg, France
Gold - vintage 2005

"The Wine Challenge", 8th Annual Challenge, Singapore
Silver - vintage 2004

Decanter World Wine Awards
Bronze - vintage 2006

International Wine and Spirit Competition, London
Bronze-vintage 2006

International competition of Salonica
Silver - vintage 2007

International Wine & Spirit Competition, London
Bronze - vintage 2007

International competition of Salonica, Greece
Gold - vintage 2008

Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom
TROPHY - vintage 2002

International Wine & Spirit competition, United Kingdom
Bronze - vintage 2008

International Wine Challenge, United Kingdom
Commended - vintage 2008
Type of Box Carton

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